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  • I'm obssesed. I love this Water2 filter. I never have to lift a finger... it's been pretty life changing.

    Clarissa Berry

    Qualified Holistic Nutritionist

  • This is a fantastic product that reduces scale whilst keeping minerals in the water. Exceptional.

    Michael Eaton

    67, Surrey

  • I hate DIY, but this was easy... now we have great water on tap. No more plastic bottles in our house :)

    Katie Wu

    31, London

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You only have to change Pod once a year

After 3 years of testing on the hardest water, Pod's filter can endure for up to a full year, even if you're washing dishes with it! It takes only 30 seconds to change.

We have zero tolerance for dirty water.


The fear of what's truly in your water restricts people from using their tap. So Pod eliminates 99.9999% of bacteria in your water to stop that fear.


Microplastics can be deadly. Exposure can be linked to; immune system dysfunction, cytotoxicity and cancer. Traditional filter jugs have struggled to remove them to acceptable levels. Water2 leap past those filtration levels and are able to remove 99.999% of microplastics.


The threat of viruses can be extremely off putting for drinking. Pod eradicates 99.9999% of viruses out of your water.


Lead has numerous health issues associated with it. These include; brain damage, kidney damage and nervous. This is extremely problematic due to lead piping across the UK. Pod removes 80% of lead from your water.


The smell of chlorinated water can be immediately worrying for drinkers. The effects of it's over-exposure can be equally scary; vomiting, diarrhoea, flaky skin and stomach issues. Pod removes 90% of chlorine to enable optimised mineralisation levels.

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Does it work on hard water?

Yes! Designed in Italy, but tested on very hard London tap water for 3 years before launch, Pod is ready for your tap water. Expect an optimised reduction of limescale and "genuinely delicious water".

Will it reduce limescale?

Yes, but any system that takes out all limescale strips your water of vital minerals like magnesium and calcium that underpin a healthy diet, and can further make the pH too acidic. You’ll see a strong reduction without ruining the rest of your water.

Is it easy to install?

Yes! 95% of users breeze through setup in under ten minutes. Occasionally, perhaps if you've got an older sink, you may need an extra part (we'll send for free of charge). Our London team is on-hand on WhatsApp 24/7 to assist you.

How long does it last?

A whole year! Pod lasts 365 days with a capacity of 5,000 litres. How long your filter lasts depends not only how much you drink, but also the time from which it first came into contact with water.

How much is it a year?

It's just £79 / year after the first year to maintain your system. You can order your Capsule here.

Your sink looks a little different? WhatsApp us a photo!

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The Water2 Story

From dropout to building the future of water

At the back of his lectures, Charles Robinson was creating products for Bella Hadid & Google, with BBC, Sky and Evening Standard naming him as one of Britain's most exciting entrepreneurs.

After learning that Bladder Cancer was linked to UK Tap Water, he dropped out of University to work with his Professors towards one goal: to build a product at least 1,000x better than the rest to create the safest & best tasting water possible.

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