Woeful water

It’s no secret the current state of British water. 


*The above image is an unfortunate screenshot from a viral video this week*

Water quality has sunk in recent years.

Lawsuits and investigations have been undertaken.

Yet, water never seems to constitute a serious enough story to get media attention.

But last week we saw a small change.

Attention to our water and the practises Big Water companies are continually happy to do.

While yes, on a global comparative scale, British water is high up on rankings that are arbitrarily developed, that doesn’t mean that it is good enough.

Or worse, that people should just ’settle’ for what they have. 

Everyone has a reason for wanting filtered water, a reason that shouldn't need to be explained to anyone.

Everyone (yes, absolutely everyone), should have the right to drink whatever water they want, in whatever way they want.

Now, this week’s blog doesn’t intend to be a long-winded article on the chemical and scientific pitfalls of current tap water options across the United Kingdom.

Instead, it simply aims to raise awareness about current events that may have missed the front-page.

Again, here’s a link to an article covering the current situation of the UK’s main water providers: Drinking Data

We appreciate that we’re using up your most valuable non-financial asset, your attention. For this reason, we’ll end this weeks blog here.

From Team Water2, wishing you a wonderful Wednesday evening and a lovely rest of your week :)


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