How I Installed My Water Filter in 8 Minutes (even though I have no plumbing skills whatsoever...)

Katherine Jennings, 48

I was a little unsure when I first saw the Water2 filter. It sounded like a good idea. I’d been using one of the Brita jugs and while the water was ok, I had to change it all the time, after a while it started to smell a bit funky and it wasn't convenient sacrificing fridge space or waiting for it to fill!

My main concern was installation. They had a video guide of a woman installing it and she made it look super simple. But I’m so bad at anything DYI and I couldn’t deal with the idea of flooding the house! I actually put off buying for a couple of weeks because I was afraid of that happening.

I spoke to customer service and Julia was amazing!! I sent a WhatsApp at 10pm and she replied straight away with some more tips and really explained how it works and how it was so simple. Julia was actually so helpful I ordered that night, so thanks Julia!!!

The filter arrived in its super sleek box and I was still pretty nervous to install it. So I followed the video guide.

If anyone wants a step-by-step guide, here’s how it went:

There’s a welcome pack when you open the box. With my iPhone, I scanned the QR code and got taken to the app. Here a nice woman tells you what to do. You just click next at each step. 

First she tells me to make sure I’ve got all my parts. You just lay them out on the table - and there’s no confusing plumber names! You have to slip in the battery which is 2 secs of a job.

Next, I looked under my sink (had to remove the dettol out the way lol) and identified the cold pipe. I wasn’t sure but you just have to run the hot water and feel both… the coldest is the cold one!

Now, I went and turned off my cold water. Apparently it’s different for all houses, but in my old Victorian home it’s just a simple twist of the tap in the utility cupboard. I checked by turning off the tap (nothing came out). 

After, I just loosened the flexi-pipe on the cold water under my sink with my spanner. I then did the rest with my fingers. A tiny bit of water fell out but it’s expected.. just have some kitchen roll spare! I then attached the Pod (metal side first) and it’s a simple screw in.

Next, I put the white adapter on the outlet (as I’m on 1/2 inch uk fittings) and attached the flexi to the outlet of my Pod. I lightly tighten both sides with the Pod.

We’re pretty much done. You just turn the water back on, run the cold water… and wait 3 minutes! Then voila. Just amazing water on tap forever!!

This all took me 8 minutes (yes I timed myself because I wanted to see if they were being truthful) I installed it!!

It’s been over a month and the kids love it, they drink more water, we don't use dirty plastic bottles anymore and we can finally put stuff in the fridge again!

If you’re worried about installing it or just want to ask a couple of questions, just use their WhatsApp and they’ll help you every step of the way.

Julia from Water2 here :) Because of Katherine's lovely post, we're offering a £60 discount if you use the code 'KATH' at checkout, wishing you all a lovely Wednesday evening!

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