How Bradley, dad of 5 from Huddersfield, shocked his wife by fixing one of their biggest marital problems.... fridge space. [reward at the end]👇

A lot of you really liked last week’s review from Katherine.

The main reason we got was that it wasn’t just a short ‘yes it’s good’ review and it actually covered the whole installation process from a customers perspective.

So we asked Bradley, a dad of 5 from Huddersfield if he would do one this week.

This is what he said...

"To be honest I wasn’t sure that I needed a new filter. I’d been using a jug for years and they were solid. I sort of got used to using it, wake up every morning and first thing first was to fill it up etc before the kids get up.

My main problem was space, we live in a small townhouse in Huddersfield and fridge space isn’t great. I’m also a dad of 5 so you can imagine the snacks and drinks clogging the fridge.

I hadn’t seen tons of people mention Water2 being helpful for stopping cramped fridges, thought that it was just me and my crazy family haha but I asked and customer service were nice and explained that if I wasn’t 100% sure I had 100 days to just send it back

I bought it and it arrived and when my wife opened it, she thought it was a present for her because of the cool looking box and was pretty confused when I told her that this small Pod was a water filter for under the sink 😂 

I’m pretty average when it comes to DIY type stuff but I saw others say they did it no problem so when my wife was in the shower I thought I’d give it a go.

Setup video was very helpful and they’d already sent me an extra flexi-hose just to be sure I had space

Didn’t really have any issues to be honest, just followed the video, ran the tap for a few minutes, gave it a taste and was quality

My wife is quite picky when it comes to drinks with water, like tea and coffees etc and she can taste the difference when it’s not the water she likes so I made her a cup of tea (trying to be a good husband) and I won’t pretend she was like ‘WOWW AMAZING’ but she said ‘hmm tasty’ and for me that’s as good as ‘WOWW AMAZING’

Kids came home and are drinking noticeably more water, my eldest said it was the convenience of not using the filter jug but my youngest said it tastes better so I’m not sure but they’re happy so we’re happy

All in all a very solid purchase" 👍

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