How The Tables Turn

Anti-tap water Brits were ridiculed for years... but they've been exposed as being right all along...

For years people have been mocked for refusing to drink tap water. But now the tables have turned. UK tap water is being exposed and Water2 and their community are leading the charge to provide delicious filtered water, on tap to everyone.

UK tap water has been exposed...

Microplastics, chlorine, lead, hormones and a whole host of other nasties are swimming in our water. 'Big Water' continue to increase salaries and reduce care for our water. More and more incidents are popping up over the UK where water warnings are being issued. These organisations can't or won't help. So it's up to Water2 and their community to present a solution that ANYONE can use to protect themselves and their families.

Why Water2 Founder Charles Robinson Dropped Out Of University To Tackle The UK's Next Big Threat

Sat at the back of his university lectures, Charles Robinson was creating products for Bella Hadid & Google, with the Evening Standard naming him one of Britains most exciting entrepreneurs. But after learning bladder cancer was linked to tap water, he made a life changing decision.

He dropped out of University College London (UCL) and dove deep into online forums, groups and communities of people who already understood the threat of UK tap water and 'Big Water's inability or unwillingness to make meaningful change. His goal was simple - to develop technology that could battle this threat.

Equipped with his idea, he needed help. Scientific help. So he hand-wrote a letter to an old professor at University College London, Dr Luiza Campos. His request was simple, help in engineering a water filter over 1,000x more powerful than the traditional filter jug that had cramped UK fridges for years.

Once the first prototype was developed, Charles needed a team in place to engineer it. Unlike the majority of mainstream filtration products, China wasn't an option. Charles wanted to be close to the team and able to constantly check and manage their progress. They came across a completely solar-powered facility in Northern Italy that is now their production hub

A Simple To Setup Undersink Water Filter Compatible with All UK Piping Without Constant Cartridge Changes

The options for delicious and trustworthy filtered water in the UK are terrible.

  • Jug Pain: Filter jugs are outdated, inconvenient and make users victims of rising maintenance costs.

  • Dead Water: Reverse osmosis systems are extremely expensive, inefficient and strip the water of absolutely everything, including minerals vital for health. 

  • A Cancerous Connection: Bottled water releases microplastics, an emerging threat that our community are actively investigating.

1. Setup - 'There's no way it's that simple?!'

Over 4 years went into the design of this cutting-edge undersink filter. Water2 wants everyone in Britain to finally have access to delicious, safe drinking water. So, setup had to be so simple that anyone, even if they had absolutely zero plumbing skills, could do it in under 10 minutes without needing a crazily complex toolbox - just an adjustable wrench.

96% of customers are able to breeze through their 10 minutes setup with help not just from easy-to-follow written instructions, but from an interactive step-by-step setup guide. Or, just message the company WhatsApp and one of the team will immediately help you out.

2. The Nasties - Stopping The Silent Killers?

Chlorine, lead and the normal nasties we're sure you're aware of. Their dangers have been documented over and over again. But the new threat that has gripped the scientific community is smaller in size - microplastics. More specifically, microplastics that are now being found in human blood. 

Over the last 4 years, murmurs and whispers of the menace of microplastics spread through the community. So, it was made sure to tackle them head on and ensure that the Water2 filter was able to eliminate 99.9999% of microplastics. 

3. Taste - So Good They Guarantee You'll Love It!

Water2 made a big mistake early on...

They thought people just wanted more trustworthy water, so that's what they gave them. But what they didn't expect was a physical reaction to their water. Customers complained that it tasted so good they couldn't drink anything else. If they visited a friend and drank their raw tap water, the chemical odour or bitter taste would instantly put them off.

Water2 had accidentally created the best tasting water in the UK. Now, most if not all of the 5* reviews mention the taste and how crazy it is to think that people were drinking this raw unfiltered tap water flooded with nasties. 

What's most shocking is their guarantee. If you don't absolutely love your Water2 after 100 days, just send it back for a full refund.

4. A Ridiculous Customer Success Team 

Your water is your choice. That choice needs to be informed. So Water2 take customer support to a whole new level. A genuine 24/7 helpline on Email, WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram. Their team is equipped to answer technical questions and speaks with hundreds of customers every day. Unlike other filtration products who hide how their product works, Water2 want people to ask questions to make sure they are making the right decision for them and their family.

Filtered water, without destroying all of the vital healthy minerals.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems have become cool in recent years. These systems do one thing, completely wipe the water of everything. This sounds great until you actually think about it: Stripped water contains absolutely zero minerals that are vital for human health, they create something called waste water, they can only produce limited amounts of water at a time, the average system goes from £1,000-5,000 and requires constant maintenance and it makes drinking water a ridiculously complex task.

Now for some this is perfect, but the majority of people with busy lives and families just want filtered water on tap that tastes amazing. That's what Water2 does.

Over 4+ years of research and development and testing with University College London led to the Water2 filter being launched across the UK. The following is a list of the nasties that Water2 filters.

How can this 30x12cm filter do all of this?

Water2 already has hundreds of 5-star reviews and more keep flowing in every week. That makes some people (rightly so) wonder if filtered water makes that much of a difference.

Unlike most filter companies, Water2 are all for transparency. In fact, they want you to ask questions to make sure you make the right decision when it comes to your water.

They even have a fully-accessible whitepaper published by University College London (UCL). Not only that, when purchasing a Water2, you can rest assured that:

  •  Water2 is produced entirely by solar-power

  •  Is BPA free

  •  Has been tested by multiple third-party laboratories

  •  Uses silver ionisation to stop the build up of nasties

  •  Water2 also shares what they don’t filter and more importantly, WHY.

It’s no wonder the average person refers to 2 friends to join the community and come back to buy them for friends and family.

Industry Leading Accreditations

Water2 understand the seriousness of trusting them with your drinking water. People's drinking water is something that needs to be delicious and enjoyable. But most importantly, safe and trustworthy. That's why Water2 ensure they maintain strictly high compliancy with WRAS approval, CE approval and TUV certification. This is on top of their partnership with University College London (UCL) - the 8th top ranked university in the world. 

Trusted by 30,000+ UK Drinkers

Like we said before, Charles and his team couldn’t have expected over 30,000 drinkers from all over the UK to fall in love with their Water2 so quickly.

Because of this increasing demand and constant requests from customers to buy multiple for friends and family, the team at Water2 now decided to offer:

A Limited Time Offer… that can save customers up to £50!

This promotion will surely be eaten up by the community but will likely mean this batch (the 17th) will sell out even quicker that the previous ones - especially as word of mouth (25% of new customers) grows and the pending release of some very exciting journal articles (coming soon).

A Limited Time Offer… that can save customers up to £50!

Get yours while you still can

The 17th batch of best-selling Water2 has been released and the word is spreading (even faster than normal). The site wide sale is spreading like wildfire and stock is already becoming limited.

Water2 produce in small batches to ensure product quality stays at the centre of the product. With that being said, shipping from Europe is experiencing continued delays. So it could be weeks before the next batch is even available…

Take advantage of the promotion they’re having now and save up to £50 with their 50LESS deal! Tap water has been terrible for too long and it’s not getting better anytime soon so grab yours while you still can.

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